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2014 appearances:

Rose City Comic Con
Portland, OR

Pac Con
Spokane, WA

Bellingham Comic Con
Fernsdale, WA

The Webcomic List

Real Name: Crystal M Rollins (original Henderson)
Birthday: June 2, 1985
Born and currently living in the Seattle area, after 12-some years in Colorado, a short stay in Arkansas and a few odd years in Germany.
A short explanation:
I'm one of hte most spastic people I know. I'm never content with any one media, and I hate to sit still intellectually.
The greatest thing that ever happened to me? Getting married, graduating college, and returning to jewelry and lapidary training.
This story isn't my dream. Not any more at least. It's my warped view of the world made manifest. But not too warped. I hope.
This has become a concentrated syrup of my formative years, with a little magic thrown in, because honestly, you'd be bored or depressed by my actual teen years.
Contact, links, etc.
Deviant Art page: Plotholetsi
Portfolio page: CM Rollins
You can email me here if you like (you'll have to retype it, I made it into an image to deter spider-bots)

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