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The Webcomic List

February 6, 2011, 20:23 EST
Now WHAT?!
Posted by Plotholetsi

So apparently my husband's car has a dud engine AGAIN at only 90k miles. The timing chain is broken again, and Saturn has once again refused to admit fault. Unfortunately, the class action lawsuit that has been started about this part is stalled because the company declared bankruptcy >_< so we're a little f'ed. And I've been pacing around the house with muscle stress in my shoulders bad enough to make my hands go numb (no joke). But our friend Nick's dad happened to be wanting to sell his old Impala, and I have some stocks my grandpa gave me that will barely cover all the costs, so it all works out okay. But that's why I didn't really get ANYTHING useful done this weekend. I'm also still scrambling ot get our new apartment location figured out, the family store move is looming, and I was still sick last week.

The only plus side? Car insurance is SURE to go down, because the "new" car has about 70k more miles on it (but we know the owner and we can just beat Nick up if it's a lemon, mwahah). And I rode it in while my hubby test drove it with Nick. It's reaaaaally comfy on the inside. We both have a good feeling about it.

January 17, 2011, 22:37 EST
Posted by Plotholetsi

So, the Holidays ended well, shook my hand and bid me farewell. Then they snuck up behind me as I was on my way home and beat me with a metal baseball bat.

My cat died. My car needs maintenance. I just got done with a week of horrendous overtime printing excessively huge CRAP art, I'm stuck with my mental wheels spinning on chapter 3, and we'll probably have to move our apartment again in two months. *sigh* Also, we have to move my parents' business, with it's untold number of DVDs, merch, and other anime and manga related goods. Not to mention the amount of stuff my parents have stashed at said business for convenience. Hopefully the internet treats ANIMEniacs more kindly in the future.

In other news, If you haven't noticed the new layout, then take a quick look around. Most of the facilities are the same, but with a slick new paint job and some nice rounded corners (unless you're using Internet Explorer. In which case, tsk tsk). I'll try to update the chapters page and the characters page sometime soon, as well as getting the forum up and running so you can once again kibitz about the most recent page or my lack of updates.

In other news, is it a good or bad sign that I audibly 'squeed' when I saw Blind Ferret on the list of people bidding on ads for this site? Between that and a few words of encouragement from my husband, I'm definitely feeling more energized about this comic.

December 27, 2010, 18:57 EST
Working on it...
Posted by Plotholetsi

So the holidays have come and mostly gone... I'm happy with my progress this past year, and looking into the next year over the top of several weeks of lacking updates. Aside form just being TIRED, I've been busy, broke, and stressed. Presents are all handed out, and though I couldn't afford many for other people, I baked and baked and baked, and tried to apologize despite the constant reassurance that "They understand that funds are tight this year".

The hubby will hopefully be starting work at Microsoft again around Jan 5th (unfortunately two weeks later than the contract company originally anticipated! Oh well...), which should stabilize finances, but then we'll just be looking forward to the long decline into housing limbo as our 9 month lease lets up, and with it, possibly our roomate... oh dear.

As for the comic? I'm ironing out some details for chapter 3, thinking a little further ahead in the story, and generally biting my nails about my lack of talent while simultaneously trying to reassure myself that it's a good effort...

No I'm not restarting. F that. But I am thinking of how to negotiate between my impressions of my characters and story, what I've produced, and what the bleep I'm DOING with this whole story, y'know? As I told my husband, who's tip-toeing into working on a video game in his spare time, "Don't do what I did, honey. Make a defined, SMALL game. Start a project you can see the end of. Don't be like me and fall in love with an open-ended concept."

Well, that's how the last few weeks have been. Since people like to know these things: the Christmas haul was A Kindle, a bunch of DVDs, a brush-painting set, an AWESOME coat, two more coats for Rikki and the hubby, as well as a hat each for them, two video games, some books. Gods... I can't keep track. Stuff! Okay! I did stuff, got stressed about stuff, and got stuff! Bah humbug and merry holidays! I'm going back to bed until next year!

December 16, 2010, 06:20 EST
Posted by Plotholetsi

So, It's been constantly busy for me lately. Visiting people baking cookies. Chores. Cookies. Work. Cookies. Notice I'm mentioning cookies a lot? Well I've been doing a LOT of baking! I mean TONS of baking! And somehow between all the baking I've done, I don't actually have much leftover for myself XD

November 15, 2010, 19:16 EST
Another Dud Week gone by
Posted by Plotholetsi

No, I'm not busy at work. No, I'm not medically incapacitated. I've just been tired, and life keeps throwing curve balls at me. I finally had to take our younger cat into the vet because the fleas had gotten so bad he was becoming emaciated! :( And I've had a few headaches in the last week. One of which is labelled "PEO". They hav a charity auction once a year, and I have no money to make up a gift basket, nor do I have any idea what to donate to sell for money. I plan to make goodies, but after that vet visit, I don't even have money for special ingredients to make lots of yummies. *sigh*

So I've just been kind of mentally drained. There WILL be a Thursday update of some sort though, I promise you!

November 13, 2010, 21:53 EST
Webcomic List Awards
Posted by Plotholetsi

So there's apparently a Webcomics list awards nomination thing going on. Apparently only other webcomic creators can nominate people for this, and then it's judged by other webcomics people...

Anyone care to nominate me for anything?

October 27, 2010, 16:32 EST
Posted by Plotholetsi

Here's the livestream address:
See me there at 6pm!

October 26, 2010, 18:06 EST
Wednesday as Usual
Posted by Plotholetsi

So I'm going to try switching over to LiveStream. AlmightyM reports good luck with their programs compared to UStream. I'm going to start around 6pm Pacific this time, and I'll post a link when I've got the details ironed out. I'll be working on the comic as usual. PS - check out the 30 Characters link to the right of the comic. I'm participating this year amongst a bunch of very talented artists! :)

October 17, 2010, 08:49 EST
Good ole' weekend, I missed ye
Posted by Plotholetsi

This has so far been the laziest, best weekend that I haven't had in a while.

Let me be more specific. I woke up kinda earlier (7am ish) on Saturday, and realized something profound. I DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING THIS WEEKEND. Once that dawned on me, things spiralled around my brain for a while. Given that I don't have TOO much free money, but near-inifinite local options, what do I wanna do?

So I organized the DVD shelf finally, and started to organize the book shelves. Started to rearrange boxes in the workroom (which is still not open enough to actually be WORKED in. Sigh) Went to Top Pot, bringing back a box of donuts and the empty cup from a heavenly white-mocha (they make the absolute best IMO)

Tech cleaned up the kitchen, and we all talked about going to see Scott Pilgrim again now that it was in the 3$ theatre.

And I proposed Sushi. Dan had recommended a fairly-priced tasty place nearby, and after some prodding, even got my sick husband to tag along. This is a feat, because he's A) mildly allergic to all things that breathe water, and B) kinda sick right now, and thus, pissy.

But we went for sushi, and the first round we got him some potato Katsu (breaded-fried potato chunks. nom!) and we all got a different kind of sushi and drink (Plum wine for me, Whiskey for Tech and Nick) At first I tried the tuna roll I ordered, and was kinda underimpressed. I tried the Kin Shi (mixed tuna/crab/ something?) And was still underimpressed. It was good but bland.

But Nick had ordered something called Red Dragon rolls. Tuna with spice, over snow crab (not the immitation crab they'd placed in mine!), shrimp, and cucumber. I asked if I could try, and I did. And wow.

My life has been changed forever!

I mean it! It was like, a tiny gentle explosion of flavor in my mouth. And the texture brought it all together. And then I tried another one in soy sauce, and it was a hundred times better YET!

Oh yes. I think I have a new vice. And it involves raw fish. But the vice only came up to 60 dollars for 3 people, which included two round of drinks for everyone, and a split on a green tea ice cream plate. Well worth it in my mind. We also all divied up around 26 individual rolls of sushi.

So... Kanpai?

October 15, 2010, 19:40 EST
Friend me on Facebook?
Posted by Plotholetsi

I'm going to start making an attempt to expand the comic out into a variety of social networks in the next couple months. I finally went and made a facebook group page for it, here

From there I'll post UStream events, special updates, postponements, and maybe even some extra art!

October 11, 2010, 20:49 EST
No News
Posted by Plotholetsi

So I don't have much to say. I left my jacket at my mom's place again by accident, played a bunch of board games with friends, and got a little sewing done with my mom. I didn't get much done on the comic, though I honestly tried, but my hands were shaking too much. I've got a nasty neck-head-ache right now from sleeping badly as well as going through two CG colors tonight just to kind of change my mood. One is this new avatar to the left here, and the other is the new vote image of Zager, my husband's character.

I'll be doing the UStream on Wednesday as usual, and tomorrow I'll be visiting Jeannette who I haven't seen in ages. Hopefully I'll have more shiny rocks finished when I'm done. (for those not in the know, Jeannette is the lapidary person who's taught me how to cut cabachons. For those REALLY REALLY not in the know, a cabachon is the nice rounded stone you set into jewelry... rocks are shiny. That is all) (P.P.S. Jeannette is also awesome)

October 3, 2010, 20:41 EST
Posted by Plotholetsi

So me and hubby spent the weekend touring around Seattle with his mom and cousin (both awesome people!) Upside: AWESOME weekend! We spent every minute having fun, eating tasty food, seeing pretty countryside, talking and laughing. Except this last hour... I'll get to that. Downside: NO work done on the comic whatsoever. Sorry folks. I'll post some silly filler art sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Other downside? Ori (the hubby)'s battery died last minute as we were trying to board the ferry back to Seattle. So they had to jump up to get us on the ferry, and the battery was suddenly so pathetic that it wouldn't hold a charge after 30 minutes and they had to jump us again to get us back OFF the ferry. Unfortunately I can't miss work tomorrow and his mom and cousin needa get back to the airport. Might get interesting tomorrow, but we'll make due ^^;

September 29, 2010, 20:12 EST
Posted by Plotholetsi

So, I did my first ever LIVE broadcast through Ustream tonight. I was sketching a picture of Zager for my husband, and trying to coordinate the normal controls for the cameras and such. Check it out Wednesdays, 5pm Pacific time!

September 22, 2010, 20:31 EST
I've been dead a lot lately...
Posted by Plotholetsi

So... Sorry for the crappy page "preview" tonight. I went home from work at noon with a massive migraine/stomach flu thing, and was puking or in bed until like 7 tonight. Then I realized that I'd left the compiled images at work, and for some reason I can't access the btphp encoding there. I can upload a page and then replace it through the ftp, though, so keep checking back for something completed.

September 19, 2010, 12:30 EST
Posted by Plotholetsi

So I've just plain been tired this week. I have to say it was worth it, though. I spent all of yesterday at a seminar thing with my dad (that was more of a 'look at everything our business software can do!' than anything else), and many of the days this week were spent playing card games with friends from out of town. My work days were pretty full, so I couldn't do much comic work there. Some days I didn't even really get my breaks, I was struggling so hard to get things out on time.

But At very least there will be the lineart husk of a page here on Monday morning, and I'll be proceeding with this chapter.

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