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Rose City Comic Con
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The Webcomic List

September 8, 2010, 20:40 EST
Sorry, out Dead This Week...
Posted by Plotholetsi

Tomorrow's comic summarizes it. Work's long and tough this week, I'm a little stumped on this part of the chapter, and my friend Jeanette is dragging me over to work on rocks and look at shiny rocks (darn darn twist my arm).

September 6, 2010, 08:28 EST
Life is busy
Posted by Plotholetsi

So, it's labor day. And it's the first "day off" I've had in like two weeks. Last weekend we were in Colorado visiting relatives, and this weekend we were at PAX until 2am yesterday (Jonathan Coultan ROCKS, BTW!) (and so do Paul and Storm!) ... (though I don't care for MC Frontalot too much). And yesterday I was at WORK. Yes. AT WORK printing from 11am until 7:30. The worst part? I did like 1/3 of the total printing that needs to get done. *sigh*.

But I got this page done on Thursday. But this Thursday, I don't know if I'll have a page ready for all of you. I'm sorry :( I'll try and get some kind of interesting filler put up at least. Either way, happy Labor Day to everyone! I'm going to go get donuts! *NOM*

August 29, 2010, 08:30 EST
Up in the Air
Posted by Plotholetsi

So we're in Colorado (by now). This post is being made preemptively, in the knowledge that my Friday will be hellish. I wasn't able to get page 44 toned very well by Thursday night, and Friday I had to whisk off to the airport. So I MIGHT get it completely completed on Friday at work. so if the comic page above is rather nice on Monday, blame it on me being too productive.

If you're wondering why I'm speaking in the theoretical tense, it's because I'm uploading this newpost as of Thursday, because for some reason I can't get the admin function in the PHP to work properly from work or the laptop. But the ftp function works fine, and I can retroactively replace comics in the lineup via the /comics folder, but I can't upload them into the comics que except from home.

It's convulted. I know.

August 16, 2010, 20:03 EST
OMG, Free Wow!
Posted by Plotholetsi

So, I came home to find that my husband was installing WoW on my comp so our roomie Tech could play. I'm fine with this, but it takes another hour to finish doing all the patches (if you play WoW, you understand. HOURS of patching...

Then I go to log in to make sure all the patches are done. I get a login error. And it asks for an authenticator. Keep in mind, I took the authenticator off the account (while the account was inactive, ie, no subscription monies) weeks ago to give it to Tech after her account got hacked.

So there shouldn't be a prompt for an authenticator. Lo and behold, my husband logs on and sees my toon running around in Hellfire Ramparts. I promptly fill in an online form that my account's been hacked. Then I call, and after waiting on hold for an hour, get a very nice account service guy who clears it all up. So now I'm left with no stuff on my toons for a few days,but basically a free month of WoW, because the bozo who snagged the account PAID to reactivate it.

Winner is me.
EDIT: Apparently my friend Heather saw my toon on 4 days ago, and waved at "me", apparently I waved back. She's mortified now, but it's just another layer of luls to add to the pile.
EXTRA EDIT>: Apparently the Blizz team deleted the 1-time game card from my account, so I don't get a free month of play outta all this. ;_; oh well, can't expect something for nothing.

August 15, 2010, 17:33 EST
Getting Up to Speed
Posted by Plotholetsi

So, there's actually a page ready for tomorrow! It's been ready since Friday, in fact. I've actually been vegging out a lot this weekend. Right now I have to make some pierogies and some more pickles, and then Tech and Nick wanna go out for Mexican food, but with as little as there is to do at work right now, I'll probably keep on schedule for a while. Just thought you'd all like to know what regular updates are REALLY resuming.

July 28, 2010, 22:04 EST
Why is everyone's car breaking suddenly?!
Posted by Plotholetsi

So, my husband's car is now having starter trouble. His friend from work spent two-three hours of my night dealing with his car that slowly lost it's ability to accelerate (after he hit something unknown on the highway). My car just got done with 2k$ in engine repairs, my mom's car had a similar set of repairs recently, my dad's truck is having some starter issues, and two people at my work are also dealing with engine issues.

Seriously, all within a span of three weeks. What the hell is happening to all the cars? Maybe it's the anti-baby boom of cars.

It's been about 2-3 years since that whole, "oh hey, sorry folks, the economy just kinda collapsed" hit everyone. I know a lot of people *cough like me cough* have been avoiding standard maintenance, putting off buying a new car, etc. Maybe this is just the vertex of a big bell curve of 'this is when cars that normally wouldn't still be driven start to break down.'

I don't know. But When hubby's coworker's car slowed to a halt tonight it ate like 3 hours of my life. Not that it wasn't fun talking with him, picking up Starcraft II, grabbing a coffee at Cafe' Felice, but it was 3 hours I was intending to finish up page 37. So, instead, you get a page which is quite nicely polished up, but a bit incomplete.

Also, this is the point at which, I have a small favor to ask of everybody:

Please pass this comic along. I'd really like to get a bit more readership, and until our finances stabilize and I can purchase a few cheap ad spaces on the net, and get up the nerve to start plugging my comic to any of the comic artists I read regularly, it's the easiest way to get this comic to more people. I'll be printing some business cards soon, so I'll finally have something to hand to people when 'oh yeah, I do this web comic, it's free, wanna go see it?' comes up in daily conversation.

July 18, 2010, 00:15 EST
Is it over yet?
Posted by Plotholetsi

So. Car is fixed (though I'm already detecting noises that should have been gone now...) for around 2000 dollars. That is all our rainy-day money and then some put on the credit card. Grr. Compy has been completely reinstalled, and I'm slowly getting through all the program reinstalls, and the several-day process of forcing windows to update itself properly. I haven't gotten a chance to work on the pages for chapter 2 much, though 20-or so pages are storyboarded, and I started placing text and stuff in Photoshop since it's entirely digital now. I am 1/2 done with the cover. It should be hella shiny once I have it all worked together.

As for me? I was sick for half of today, and when I felt better by 9pm, went off to the movies to see Sorceror's Apprentice. I don't know why hollywood cant' get more imaginative with alchemy-style magic. It just makes me shake my head every time. It always drops off and becomes uncreative after a few tricks. But the writing was good.

It just gives me more reason to really push the envelope with the magic in my comic. Which is something you have yet to see even a fraction of. That will improve. Oh yes, it will :)

July 8, 2010, 21:30 EST
Posted by Plotholetsi

Had to take my car to the mechanic cause it was not just making noise, it was freaking RUMBLING. Like, felt like the car would rattle it's way off the road. Today was Car engine failure and mass computer-virus fail. My husband had to scrub my compy down when he came home, and the car bill is at 700 dollars and climbing.

July 1, 2010, 19:44 EST
Posted by Plotholetsi

So. We're moved in, the computers are finally operational, and the old apartment is finally CLEARED OUT. Took us four days, and I'm not sure we're getting any of our deposit back. Chances of a page on Monday? Slim, but not impossible.

June 13, 2010, 09:33 EST
Movin' Time
Posted by Plotholetsi

We've finally signed the lease, and our move-in day is June 26th. We'll probably be dead that whole weekend, and I'll probably still be unpacking and arranging for well, weeks. At least. But before I even unpack we'll likely be plopping down some money on paint and drop cloths. That's right. We're allowed to PAINT at this apartment :D. It's written right into the lease! Huzzah!

What does this mean for your webcomic appetite? Possibly nothing! That's right, NOTHING! Because I've already finished chapter 1. You heard right. Completely finished. all 35 pages, just awaiting their pre-programmed update times. If I get some more free time I might go back through to graytone pages I didn't have time for, but for now, most of my time will be eaten up by last-minute checks, packing things up, trying not to go crazy, and finishing a necklace for a very good friend of mine.

So I'm going to try not to continuously hover around my own website for the next two weeks. I'll pat myself on the back for actually getting stuff done ahead of time instead.

For those of you wondering, we're not moving far. We'll be going about 5 miles away, from south seattle to Renton (still part of metro-Seattle area). The move isn't cause we hate our landlords, mainly it's to move in with our friend Tech, save some money on rent/ utilities, and find a better compromise location for all of our jobs. Mainly my husband, who commutes to east side, which is a 1.5 hour commute on bad days..... BOTH WAYS.

June 5, 2010, 10:44 EST
So yeah...
Posted by Plotholetsi

I know I missed an update, but I have a lot of content just nearly finished. I also have a few omake things, various artwork I still haven't posted, and well, a JOB. But my job isn't to blame. It's actually been dead at work. So dead that I spent 6 out of 8 hours on Friday drawing the comic.

Yeah. you read that right. I was doing the comic at work, and getting paid. Why wasn't I sent home early, you ask? Cause they still want us there in case something DID come in. Also, the 2 hours of real work I did was split up into a bunch of sporadic 10 minute increments.

So, just letting you all know that there WILL be an update on Monday... but I don't know if I can promise that it's a page of this comic. But it'll be something cool. BTW: look around the site. You might notice that I finally put some pages in (thanks to Em for heckling me enough about it)

June 3, 2010, 05:31 EST
Happy Birthday to me...
Posted by Plotholetsi

So, it was my birthday yesterday. After work, me and my friend and my husband all went to an Irish pub nearby. We had three courses and despite purposely not finishing each serving, we were soooo stuffed when we got done. But it was SOOOOOOO good. So good.

We got back home, intent to do something else for my birthday, and ended playing russian roulette with the DVDs and netflix in the house. We watched Underworld:Rise of the Lycans, heckling it the whole way through.

But the comic sits on my hard drive, unfinished. I have three pages with loose text placement, and no toning. So if I'm slow as ever at work today, I might finish one there and upload when I get home. Sorry, but birthdays kind of come first. I'm sure you all understand :)

May 26, 2010, 20:27 EST
I'm getting fast at this...
Posted by Plotholetsi

So, I finished the shading on pg 28 in like... an hour. I'm getting kinda amazed at myself for how fast I can rip through this. Though I kinda cheat by using a billion million layers in Photoshop....

... oh well, it's quick. As you can see, I even had time to whip out a new avvy. (a little blockier style this time) And with the addition of a single curse word in this comic, I might have bumped my unofficial rating up to "R".... hmm

May 23, 2010, 20:05 EST
So.... crappy comics again
Posted by Plotholetsi

I couldn't find the inspiration to really work on the comics all weekend. I spent Saturday at Jeanette's cooking burning stew *sigh*. Ended up getting take-out teriyaki, and not getting much done on the stones I had lined up. Oh well. I spent Sunday just sort of putzing around, and getting groceries like we do every Sunday. But I put in a solid 4 hours getting the next three pages prepped. So they might be crappy and half-toned like the one above, but you can read them, at least. I'll try and get some more toning placed in on page 28 at least (this Thursday's update) or you wont' understand what she's talking about in panel's 1 and 3...

May 18, 2010, 21:02 EST
Posted by Plotholetsi

I'll eventually make some kind of permanent place on the site for the vote incentive, but for now, it'll rest squarely here in the news box.

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